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Anastasia (1997) + Scenery


game of thrones meme: six locations [6/6]


game of thrones meme: eight quotes [8/8]

↳ “I never asked to play. The game was too dangerous. One slip and I am dead.”


game of thrones meme: nine characters [6/9]

↳ Margaery Tyrell


Arianne Appreciation Week: [Day 5] Favorite Colors →  House Martell
If Quentyn has the Golden Company behind him… “Beneath the gold the bitter steel,” was their cry.You will need bitter steel and more, brother, if you think to set me aside. Arianne was loved in Dorne, Quentyn little known. No company of sellswords could change that.


ye are b l o o d  o f  m y  b l o o d
                  and b o n e  o f  m y  b o n e

My greatest misfortune would be to marry into a family who would carry me as their shame.


Mockup of a book cover idea I had for Jane Eyre.

The jacket is the fire (obviously) but when you take it off, you see the damage the fire left behind.


September Book Photo ChallengeDay 11: Can I Live Here?PLEASE


September Book Photo Challenge
Day 11: Can I Live Here?

Favourite Screen Costumes || Daisy’s dinner dress (The Great Gatsby 2013)

Costumes by: Catherine Martin